The Yale School of Management Education Leadership Conference exists to create a forum for leaders in education reform. We seek to create a constructive dialogue about how leadership skills applied to the education sector can be used to solve the most pressing and complex challenges in public education.

From its modest beginnings in 2007, The Yale School of Management Education Leadership Conference has grown to be a nationally recognized forum for education reform. The ELC is an annual two-day conference focused on convening the nation’s leaders in education reform. Through panels, networking, conversations, and workshops, our speakers, attendees, presenters, and keynotes create a community that helps build urgency in working toward student success and system-wide progress.

The ELC is sponsored and run by the Yale School of Management Education Club. Each year, 20+ Yale School of Management students work from early in the school year to conceptualize, plan, and realize the spring conference. The 2019 conference will mark our 13th anniversary.
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Brandi Kenner

Atlanta Speech School & Rollins Center for Language and Literacy
Chief of Research, Innovation and Learning

Brandi B. Kenner, Ph.D. is currently the Director of Research and Innovation for the Atlanta Speech School, as well as the Chief of Research, Innovation & Learning for the organization’s professional learning arm – The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy. In these roles, she is responsible for ensuring that each of the organization’s 4 schools, 5 clinics, and professional learning arm are adhering to, and implementing, best practices that are in alignment with current research in overall cognitive development, language and literacy development, teaching and learning, and the professional learning and research that supports these efforts. She is also responsible for overseeing all of the organization’s evaluation efforts, and shepherding organizational development and innovation through the leveraging and nurturing of various partnerships.  Kenner maintains a higher education affiliation and thereby remains personally engaged in research and teaching education graduate students as well. Dr. Kenner holds expertise in cognitive development broadly, language and literacy acquisition, the intersection of social-emotional learning and literacy, organizational development, program evaluation, and experimental research and methodology.  

Dr. Kenner holds a Ph.D. in Psychology: Cognition & Development from Emory University, a Master of Education in Behavior and Learning Disabilities (with a focus in reading disabilities) from Georgia State University, and a Bachelor of General Studies with foci in Elementary Education and Sociology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  She has been fortunate to serve in many roles for various organizations, and has dedicated her career to obliterating the many opportunity gaps that exist in our country. Brandi is the proud mommy to three children, Imani (13), Kaden (11) and Amina (9) who are, and inspire, her life’s work each day.